The Nashville Predators opened the season with two games on the road, both losses, but quickly rebounded to win their next two at home and earn a point in Chicago. And although there are 82 games in a season, every single one is just as important as the next. With that 0-2 start, we decided to take a look at other teams that began the season 0-2, but still had success in the season.

ships n tripsOver the course of 20 years, and after countless hours of research of over 100 teams, there have only been eight that began the season 0-2, and gone on to win a division title. None have won conference titles or the Stanley Cup. Two of those teams were the ‘16-17 Chicago Blackhawks and the Anaheim Ducks. The Blackhawks were taken out in the first round by, well, you already know who (sweep), and the Ducks were also taken out by the Predators in the Western Conference Final. The other teams include the ‘98-99 Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils, ‘99-00 St. Louis Blues, ’03-04 San Jose Sharks, ‘12-13 Washington Capitals, and the ‘15-16 Anaheim Ducks. It’s a random stat to look at, but something that was interesting, nonetheless.

ContinuumUpdatedJust remember last year’s Nashville Predators team. They may not have started the year out 0-2, but they almost didn’t make the playoffs at all. They snuck in as a wild card and fought their way to the Final, something not many thought was possible. And how about in ‘06-07? The Predators went 0-3 and finished off the season with their franchise leading 110 points. The odds and the stats may not look as favorable for the end product, but in sports, anything can happen. That’s why it’s so important to not panic. This season, the stakes are high. People are expecting much more after Nashville’s run last season.

capitol-ins-2The Predators have had it tough the last couple seasons, but have always overcome. In October of last year, they went 2-5-1 and winless in regulation on the road. If you were to see this stat, the inconsistency would immediately make you assume that this team either didn’t make it to the playoffs or didn’t make it very far. But that’s the whole point. No matter how a team starts out in hockey, they have plenty of time to come back and redeem themselves. It’s a long season ahead, and the players that needed to start off hot, Filip Forsberg and PK Subban, have done so. It’ll be a long ride, but as we learned last year, it’s worth it.