Welcome back!

On the latest edition of Coast to Coast, Matt Best and Christian Marin bring the podcast back from a short hiatus*.

Matt and Christian talk about one of the most entertaining figures in hockey, Phil “Don’t Call Me Darth” Kessel. Is there really anybody in the NHL who’s a better spokesperson than Phil the Thrill? Probably not. Can we forgive Kessel for saying “May the Force Be With You” while wearing a Vader mask? Undecided.

The duo also revisits a bet made earlier in the season that had to do with Mark Scheifele, Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. Spoiler alert: Matt is getting sweaty. Real sweaty.

Also, pulling off a very quiet but extremely efficient NHL season, Matt and Christian talk about Johnny Gaudreau’s impact and how he’s been able to be so quiet in the NHL this year.

Finally, Carey Price’s shoulders must be getting tired. Is there any other team in the NHL that relies on one player more than the Montreal Canadiens?

Recorded: December 2, 2017

*Don’t worry. Nick Andrade is still very much a part of the show. He’s just getting ready for the holiday season. Probably listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat or sipping on eggnog while jamming out to All I Want For Christmas is You. But really – the podcast is going to be much more frequent. Coast to Coast will become a podcast you can listen to much more frequently. The crew will be working on a two-man basis, regardless of who the two are when all three can’t make it. We want to do this to make sure the audience gets more consistent content instead of waiting for the stars to align. This doesn’t mean the end of three-man podcasts, it just means more content for you! Three-man podcasts will still be our main goal but we’re comfortable falling back on a two-man version of the show in order to continuously infect your airwaves.