As the holiday season approaches, Matt Best and Christian Marin get a special holiday treat. Saint Nicholas himself, otherwise known as Nick Andrade, returned from his epic trip around the world.

It’s as if Nick didn’t miss a beat though as he was ready to jump in with some hot takes. One of his hottest takes came when the guys discussed what the Ottawa Senators should do with Erik Karlsson. Should the Sens be selling and trying to get a king’s ransom or should they be trying to build around him?

Nick and the gang also get fired up about John Tortorella. After answering no questions for the media, Nick wants to see some change while Matt sees nothing wrong with Torts’ antics. Meanwhile, Christian is just trying to play the middleman while Matt and Nick go at it.

We do get a fired up Mr. Marin when the talk of Kari Lehtonen comes up. What does Christian want on his NHL wishlist? How about a healthy Ben Bishop. Matt and Nick also discuss what’s on their holiday wish list.

It’s odd this year. The NHL is in an odd spot in terms of injuries. It seems as if guys are being banged up all over the place. Not only do the guys speculate on the uptick of injuries, they also try and crack down on what “Upper Body Injury/Lower Body Injury” really means.

Other topics on the podcast:

  • Are you okay with a Tampa Bay Lightning vs St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Final?
  • Where should the NHL expand next?
  • What player in the NHL provides the biggest impact to those on his line?
  • Checking in on the McDavid/Crosby/Scheifele points bet.

Recorded: December 14, 2017