ashton-remax_NEWAfter Father Ryan’s 5-0 victory against Nolensville/Ravenwood 2 Wednesday at Centennial Sportsplex, the Irish are looking to build some momentum as they inch closer and closer towards the postseason.

The Irish currently sit right in the middle of the GNASH standings with nine points, but could certainly use this victory as a catapult to launch them into the playoffs with the right mindset.


“I thought that we played a little sloppy, but what we left to be desired with some of the finesse plays, we made up for by being in the right position. It was a good, solid effort,” said Father Ryan coach Thomas Bernstein.

Sean Cato scored two unassisted goals in the first and second period. His first came after five minutes had been played in the contest, when an errant pass from the Nolensville defense found the puck in front of Cato. He ripped a shot past the keeper from the left side of the offensive zone. His second came on a breakaway from another mishandled pass that he was able to slot home.

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Quentin Rummo also tallied two goals for the Irish, while Brendan Huff scored a power play goal.

For Nolensville/Ravenwood 2, they continue to try and have a positive outlook on the season despite still being winless during the campaign.

“It was kind of a tough game. I always like to give credit to my players, because we don’t quit and we play with a lot of fire,” said Nolensville coach Zach Oswanski.

“It’s kind of been a growing year all year for us. We went out with a game plan, and I think the best representation of that was in the third period. We tried to get a little bit more aggressive. I thought we did so, but sometimes it’s too little too late, and we didn’t get that tonight. Credit to Father Ryan, they played a hard game too.”


Nolensville/Ravenwood 2 will try to look to try and find its first win of the season against Ravenwood Jan. 22 at the Ford Ice Center. The Irish will look to continue their form of good play against Mt. Juliet that same day at the Centennial Sportsplex.

“We’re a young team that shows up, works hard, cares about each other. The players care about the guys to their left and right.  I think that’s translated to a team that, win or lose, is always going to put in the same effort. If I can think of one word to describe us, it’s consistent, and I think that will serve us well down the stretch of the season,” said Bernstein.