This episode was recorded on Filbruary 3rd, 2017

The month of Filbruary is upon us! Forsberg is back and man has he made an impact since his return! The guys come around for another Saturday session the morning before the Rangers game. They go through the games, spend way to much time talking about the return of Mike Fisher and what this means not only for him, but also the impact on the line up. Who is the odd man out now that the perennial 3C is coming home? They also discuss the most mind boggling question next to “What is a fair catch?” in the NFL, “What is goalie interference?” Turns out…no one knows and if the Bettman and the NHL know, they aren’t telling. Finally, in honor of having to suffer through Mike Milbury for two games live on NHL on NBC, the guys pay homage to him with “The Top 5 Things I’d Rather Do Than Listen to Mike Milbury.”

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