Note: This episode was recorded on March 26th, 2018.

Hello everybody! After some hard drive troubles earlier in the week, we’ve finally got our episode to you! We welcome our first guest, Taylor Welling to the show! He’s a friend of Daniel’s and he knows his hockey, especially since he used to play goalie! We take a few minutes to dig into why the Blackhawks fell off the map this season and do a quick cover over who is in, and who is out so far this season in the playoffs. The GM’s met in Boca Ratan the other week and brought about some changes to goalie interference. Since Taylor is a former goalie, we got his take on what exactly is “goaltender interference” from someone who has been between the pipes. Also, Tolvanen Watch has become a Tolvanen warning as he is in Smashville! Where does he fit in the lineup and should the Preds burn through a year on his ELC if proven the offensive powerhouse he was in the KHL? Finally we go over some power play stats and more #Pekka4Vezina stats as Matt as fully embraced the idea of Pekka being the frontunner!

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