Guys…the Second Round is almost done. The Preds forced the Jets to a Game 7, Thursday night in Smashville! WE. ARE. PUMPED! We go through the results of the second round and let us tell you, who thought Boston was going to lose to Tampa, let alone Marchand LICK people?! Our brackets are shot even more with the Capitals beating the Penguins finally and advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals in TWENTY years! John Walton, Caps radio announcer was very excited and we got the audio clip of the call for the ages in Washington. Finally we flip over to the Vegas/Sharks game, Kyle claims his $5 from Matt, and then we down into Games 3-6 of the Preds/Jets series. Game 7 is going to be a hold onto your butts moment. Regardless of who wins, we’ll be back next week to keep the info coming for the Conference Finals. We also get Twitter questions!

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Audio clip for Caps radio announcer Steve Walton’s “CAPS WIN” call heard here.