ashton-remax_NEWUncharacteristic of the Nashville Predators, the team left the 2018 NHL draft with just four selections. The team hasn’t had that few selections since drafting five players in 2006.

Of the four players selected by Nashville, the Preds walked away with a center, two defensemen and a goaltender.

Round 4, pick 18 – 111 overall

Jachym Kondelik, C – Muskegon (USHL)

ISS ranking: 88


What they’re saying about Kondelik:

“Very inconsistent all week during U18 5 Nations. (He) Centered top line and first PP unit. Creative, highly skilled playmaker, but doesn’t look fully recovered from injury. Couple times seen him ‘cringe’ when trying to find that ‘extra’ gear and couldn’t keep up. Draft sleeper, better than people think -player to watch when healthy.”

Future Considerations ranking: 81

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What they’re saying about Kondelik:

“A hulking centerman,he skates at a highlevel, especially for hissize. He is a fluid skater, whoaccelerates well, with longdeliberate strides. His advancedstrength gives him good powerwith each push. He rarelygets caught behind the playon quick offensive breakouts.He’s proven that he can havean impact any time he suitsup.”

Hockey Prospect ranking: 116


What they’re saying about Kondelik:

“Jachym has a lot of tools aside from his size that make him an intriguing pro prospect. But the lack of consistency at times is a real red flag and I question how his game translates to the NHL a few years down the road. If this is the 2010 draft I would be a lot higher on him.”

Round 5, pick 7 – 131 overall

Spencer Stastney, D – USA U18 (NTDP)

ISS ranking: NR

Future Considerations ranking: NR

Hockey Prospect ranking: 73

SoutherRVCenterWhat they’re saying about Stastney:

“Give his ability to process situations quickly to some of the defenseman ranked near the top of this draft and you have a generational player, all he’s lacking is size in my opinion. Spencer is one of my favorite players to watch in this draft class.”

“He’s one of the least talked about good players in this draft.”

Round 5, pick 27 – 151 overall

Vladislav Yeryomenko, D – Calgary (WHL)

ISS ranking: 114 (draft sleeper)

What they’re saying about Yeryomenko:

“This re-entry player has shown big improvement this season. An intelligent defenceman with a smooth game and good instincts at both ends. He popped up on a lot of scouts’ radars after playing very well at the World Juniors for Belarus.”

Future Considerations ranking: 135


What they’re saying about Yeryomenko:

“Not imposing size-wise, Yeryomenko is positionally sound and mentally aware while defending. He can stick to speedy opponents and will play somewhat aggressively, riding out incoming forwards regularly. Plenty resilient, he’s no slouch in his own zone. Still, he could stand to ratchet up his physical game.”

Hockey Prospect ranking: NR

What they’re saying about Yeryomenko:

“Yeryomenko is mobile, with smooth edges and the ability to maintain speed when carrying the puck up ice. His edge work and transition game is strong, and he has no issues getting up and down the ice, maintaining a consistent presence on both sides of the ice. His puck moving ability is strong, and he can be considered a smart player who makes above average decisions. When the minutes rack up and he gets to the end of shifts, his decision making deteriorates and he is prone to holding onto the puck for too long. Without the puck, Yeryomenko does not play physical, and is an average defensive player.”

Round 7, pick 27 – 213 overall

Milan Kloucek, G – Pardubice (CZREP)

ISS ranking: NR

Future Considerations ranking: NR

Hockey Prospect ranking: NR