PBR Is Going LIVE In Prime-time!

Brace Yourselves PBR

Beginning on Wednesday, October 2nd at 9:00pm CDT, Penalty Box Radio is going live on 102.5 The Game ESPN Radio Nashville. Gone are the days of online at 8 or 9pm and radio at midnight. The time has come for PBR to put on our big boy pants and take to the airwaves during prime-time! A special thanks to Maloney Law Firm & Nashville Title for bringing us to the big time.

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you may even cry (hopefully tears of joy) and we will always do our best to keep you informed on all walks of hockey. From the NHL to Juniors to college, we want to be your source for hockey news and entertainment.

To listen each Wednesday, tune in to 102.5-Nashville, 97.5 Murfreesboro The Game ESPN Radio. You can also listen online or through the app via iTunes or Android. Our show will still be available for download on iTunes and BTR each week.

If you are interested in radio advertising opportunities, please contact us.

102.5 The GameESPN Radio Nashville


About Justin Bradford
Host of PBR and proud member of #TeamAsian, Justin was born in Michigan, but quickly migrated south, y’all. Hockey is in his blood. No, really, an Asian scientist confirmed this. He started out as a season ticket holder in Cellblock 303, but has now migrated to the ways of the press box. He’s geeky and he knows it. You can follow him on Twitter @justinbbradford

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  1. Congratulations Justin. Proud for you. Keep up the good work.

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